Mom has the power, or TIM’s support for the “onco-mums” campaign

Moms accompanying their children through cancer have no time to think about themselves. A cancer diagnosis in their child turns their lives upside down. On 26 May, the “Saving Kids With Cancer” Foundation launched the “Mom has the power” campaign to show them support and solidarity in this difficult situation. TIM has become one of its partners. 

A cancer diagnosis in a child means a dramatic life change for Mom: she spends a lot of time in hospital with her child and faces many hardships. She experiences tremendous stress, fearing for her child’s life, as well as being separated from the rest of her family. Very often, she has to give up her job, her previous activities, her passions… Herself. To be strong for her suffering child, Mom needs a moment to rest, relax, calm down. 

On 26 May, the Saving Kids With Cancer Foundation launched the “Mom has the power” campaign, which draws attention to the challenges faced by Moms of children with oncological diseases. 

“When a child falls ill, in fact the whole family falls ill”, stresses Anna Apel, the president of the Management Board of the “Saving Kids With Cancer” Foundation. “The life of each of its members changes overnight, often for many years”. That’s why we offer comprehensive support for the entire family, including Moms, who accompany their children in the fight for health and life every day, but also try their best to be present and give support to the rest of the family. 

On Mother’s Day, the foundation launched a year-long program of wellbeing and relaxation classes for Moms at the “Cape of Hope”. It encourages everybody to provide assistance for this goal with a donation that can be made through the campaign page. As one of the partners of the program, TIM S.A. has funded a month of massages for Mums of patients of the “Cape of Hope” Bone Marrow Transplantation, Oncology and Haematology Clinic. 

“Helping in socially important matters is included in our organisational DNA”, notes Krzysztof Folta, President of the Management Board of TIM S.A. “We are glad to be able to participate in helping children who suffer from cancer, and we have been supporting the Saving Kids With Cancer Foundation for many years. So why should we forget about their Moms? Being able to be a part of this campaign is an honour”, he adds.