Multiple record-breaking October at TIM SA

Preliminary estimates show that revenue TIM SA from net sales of goods and services related directly to the sale of goods in October 2018 amounted to PLN 73.73 million compared to PLN66.86 million in October 2017 (+10.3% YOY). This is not only the best month in terms of turnover in almost 31 years of TIM history, but also the first month in which sales revenues exceeded PLN 70 million, while the turnover generated by e-commerce exceeded PLN 50 million.

The revenue from the online channel in October 2018 amounted to over PLN 53 million (+10.1% y/y) and was, of course, the best since TIM began to sell online. Ten months of 2018 brought TIM in total over PLN 628 million (+16.1% y/y), while the e-commerce channel alone earned PLN 445,93 million (+15.8% y/y) .

“Of course, I could say that we are surprised with these records and we did not expect such a success. However, it would be false modesty. When we started to change our business model over five years ago, we decided not to entrust the company’s fate to chance or fluctuations in the construction industry. We knew exactly what we want to achieve. The October turnover is a result of hard work of all TIM employee who first consistently implemented the hybrid sales model, and now constantly improve it. It is also the merit of trust that our business partners and customers place in us. Thank you all very much for our common success”, says Krzysztof Folta, the President of TIM SA Management Board.

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