3LP SA is growing in strength and begins cooperation with Focus Garden

3LP SA, a company specialising in automated outsourcing of logistics services for entities in the e-commerce sector, expands its portfolio of partners and begins cooperation with Focus Garden. This is another key step in the dynamic development strategy of the company with business entities in the Home and Garden sector. Full fulfilment service for the new Partner will be carried out in a hall with an impressive area of 17,000 sqm, located in Zgierz, one of the 6 warehouse spaces of the company.

Much more than just storage

Optimal warehouse management is a key element ensuring uninterrupted and efficient delivery of products, regardless of market or seasonal conditions Only proper planning, storage and rapid adaptation to change ensure success. The warehouse serves a central function, ensuring smooth deliveries, efficient order processing, and effective logistics. 3LP SA, as one of the leaders in e-business fulfilment, has offered modern solutions that align perfectly with the development strategy of Focus Garden.

– We are convinced that this synergy of forces between 3LP SA and Focus Garden will bring tangible benefits to both parties. E-shop customers can expect even better product availability, shorter order lead times, and a higher level of logistic service. More than 4 million parcels and pallets are shipped annually from the 3LP SA Logistics Centre. This scale of operations is possible thanks to an experienced and dedicated team of specialists and the high automation of logistics processes. We are proud to welcome Focus Garden as a partner, ready to provide innovative warehouse solutions says Maciej Posadzy, President of the Management Board of 3LP SA.

A warehouse located in Zgierz, a strategic location in Central Poland, was made available for the new client. Direct access to national road No. 702 ensures excellent connection of the facility with the A2 motorway junction (2.5 km) and the A1 motorway junction (15.5 km). The warehouse offers 17,000 sqm of space with an above-standard height of 12 meters, increased floor load capacity up to 8T/sqm, as well as 24-hour security and monitoring. As part of the cooperation, a comprehensive e-commerce logistics service, or fulfilment, was also implemented. This consists of full control of returns and complaints, timely shipment, packaging with additional services and integration with major courier companies.

A step towards e-commerce development

Focus Garden is a rapidly growing e-commerce brand specialising in the sale of a wide range of garden furniture and accessories, as well as garden architecture. The company, which has been in development for almost 20 years, is entering a key period of growth and has therefore decided to expand its logistics capabilities by cooperating with 3LP.

– As part of Focus Garden’s development strategy, we are focusing our efforts on, among other things, improving the customer experience in the shopping process. International expansion and dynamic sales growth, accompanied by the expansion of the product range available to customers and improvement of broadly understood delivery performance indicators, require cooperation with the best partners in the market. I am convinced that thanks to the cooperation with 3LP, we will not only achieve the expected operational results, but also maintain cost efficiency, which is particularly important in the case of e-commerce business – adds Michał Bartkowiak, President of the Management Board of Focus Garden.

Through this partnership, the company will gain access to warehouse technologies that provide optimised logistics processes and increased operational efficiency. The end customer will also experience the benefits. The increase of storage space will enable further expansion of the product range and efficient processes will reduce waiting times for orders. For customers, this means a faster shopping experience, as well as greater availability of products, even during periods of increased seasonal sales or intense promotions. This will ensure that, even during periods of peak demand, the company will be able to meet the needs of customers.

The driving force behind fulfilment

Product storage is a key element of effective e-commerce operations. Online shops have to cope with a large number of orders, often generated in a short period of time. Effective warehouse management must therefore ensure that orders are received, picked and dispatched quickly. In addition, online shops should flexibly manage processes related to returns and complaints. From the point of view of online shops, however, the most important thing remains to understand the unique needs of e-commerce and to adapt to dynamic market conditions. Companies highly specialised in complex warehousing and logistics, such as 3LP SA, part of the TIM Group, are a very valuable partner in meeting these ever-growing requirements.

The cooperation of both entities brings mutual benefits. 3LP gains a new, dynamically growing partner, thereby strengthening one of its specialisations. Thanks to the synergy of both companies, 3LP has the opportunity to deliver innovative warehouse solutions, thereby once again increasing its competitiveness in the market. Focus Garden’s acceptance as a business partner demonstrates its confidence in the quality of its services and its ability to respond to the real needs of an e-commerce representative.