"The only sure thing in TIM is change"

Krzysztof Folta, President of the Management Board of TIM SA

From trading in beer and milk to the largest distributor of electrotechnical articles in Poland, spanning a quarter of a century of experience in traditional trade with the advanced e-commerce technology. This is how to describe the changes that have occurred within almost 35 years in TIM in one sentence.

TIM commences its activity

On 25 November Spółdzielcze Przedsiębiorstwo TIM Sp. z o.o. is established. It is the result of signing of the company’s articles of association between Młodzieżowa Spółdzielnia Pracy „Unita” in Wrocław and three friends studying at Wrocław University of Technology: Krzysztof Folta, Krzysztof Wieczorkowski and Bogumił Moszczyński. more

First “daughter” company

In 1994 TIM Sp. z o.o. is established in Świdnica. It is not, however, another electrical wholesale company but it takes over the tasks of the current innovation and implementation division of TIM Sp. z o.o. more
  • Inside Sonel SA factory.

Debut on the WSE

The first listing of TIM SA on the Warsaw Stock Exchange took place on 16 February 1998. more

The great move

In May, for the first time in history, TIM SA moves its registered office outside Wrocław to Siechnice located nearby. Here two years earlier the company had purchased a 19.7-hectare real property to build a logistics centre and an office building. Construction works started in June 2007. This was possible thanks to the previously issued series F shares. more

Formation of the TIM Group

In autumn TIM SA purchases shares of a Bydgoszcz company MARKETEO.COM from Oponeo.pl SA becoming its majority shareholder. more

TIM.pl e-store is launched

In July TIM SA launches an online TIM Store (beta version available since May 2013) – initially at the address sklep.tim.pl and ultimately – www.tim.pl. more

Jubilee, great changes, bigger group of companies

Jubilee, great changes, bigger group of companies To highlight the changes in the company’s business – moving from the traditional commerce époque to a hybrid model combining competences acquired in the past quarter of the century with the latest e-commerce technology – TIM changes its logotype for the first time ever. more

Logistics anew

On 1 July 3LP SA – another company in the TIM Group of Companies – becomes the operator of the logistics centre in Siechnice. The company is formed from the former Logistics Department of TIM SA. more

"History is important, but future is even more interesting"

Krzysztof Folta