A record turnover of TIM: more than PLN550 million after 9 months of 2018, nearly 200 million in the third quarter

Preliminary estimates show that revenue TIM SA from net sales of goods and services related directly to the sale of goods after three quarters of 2018 amounted to more than PLN 554.31 million compared to less than PLN474 million in the same period of 2017 (+17% YOY). The turnover generated in Q3. 2018 amounted to PLN197.26 million (+ 13.3% y/y). September 2018 alone brought TIM almost PLN 66.4 million (+6.1% y / y).

The revenues from e-commerce in September 2018 amounted to PLN45.66 million (+5.2% YOY) and this was the second best month this year for online sales at TIM SA. For three quarters of 2018, it earned PLN 392,93 million for TIM (+16.6% y/y).

“After three quarters, our turnover significantly exceeded half a billion zlotys. This is the sum which was the annual amount of our income from sales less than three years ago. The final quarter of the year, which traditionally means the top purchases of electrotechnical goods, is still before us. We are well prepared for it, our operating model works smoothly and we are continuously improving it”, says Krzysztof Folta, the President of the Management Board of TIM SA.

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