“Active TIM for Friends” is helping again

The second edition of the charity campaign, as part of which TIM employees collect kilometers while doing their physical activities, has come to an end. As a result, a total of PLN 15,000 will be donated for the treatment and rehabilitation of three family members of TIM employees.

The first edition of “Active TIM for Friends” was held in spring 2018. This year’s campaign lasted 10 weeks from 1 April to 10 June 2019. TIM employees (91 out of almost 250 people employed with TIM SA took active participation in the endeavor) competed collecting kilometers and burning calories in 12 types of physical activities: running, roller skating, cycling, roller skiing, walking, nordic walking, hiking, kick-scooter, skateboarding, kite surfing, windsurfing and swimming. Just like last year, the goal of the competition was noble.

The sons of two of TIM employees have for years been requiring constant care, treatment and rehabilitation. Additionally, one of the TIM’s long-term employees, who during the last year’s finale of “Active TIM for Friends” won the auction and increased the balance of the campaign by PLN 1,500, is now in the needs of help after an accident he suffered almost a year ago. Therefore, the kilometers collected within eight weeks will be converted into zlotys (1 km = PLN0.25), which by the decision of the Management Board of TIM SA will go in the form of donations to foundations that cooperate with the three families.

The kilometer collection competition has ended with the collected 41,705 km, i.e. almost PLN 10,426.25. Divided by three, each beneficiary should receive almost PLN 3,500, however, by the decision of the President of the Management Board of TIM SA, Krzysztof Folta, this amount has been increased to PLN 5,000.

Ariel Woźniak (center on the photo below) from TIM’s Wrocław head office was the unquestioned winner (4250.51 km and 188.145 kcal) in both (kilometers and calories) competitions. The second place went to Michał Wiśniewski from the Commercial Office of TIM SA in Gdańsk (3206.27 km) and Marcin Wachowski, director of TIM’s Commercial Office in Leszno (117.108 kcal). The third place was taken by the employees of TIM head office: Jarosław Sawala (2758.33 km) and Grzegorz Adamczyk (113.126 kcal).

Commemorative diplomas and non-cash prizes were presented by the president Krzysztof Folta and the new mentee of TIM (the company became his official sponsor),the best Polish golfer, Adrian Meronk (right on the photo).

– Over 40,000 km. Together we rode, walked and swam the globe around – observed the President, Krzysztof Folta. – I enjoy physical activity in the spring, especially since it not only was about the health but also about the charity. I want to thank you for that. However, I want physical activity of TIM employees not to be of pure charitable nature only. Physical health translates also into mental health. I encourage to being active throughout the year. As a company we will be glad to support it – declared Krzysztof Folta.