An extraordinary beginning of the year – record-breaking January turnover in TIM SA

Preliminary estimates show that the turnover of TIM SA in January 2018 amounted to more than PLN 58.1 million and was up to 28.6% higher than that achieved in the first month of 2017. That means that TIM has just left behind the best January in the over 30-years-long history of the company.

“That is an excellent forecast for the entire year of 2018. Although our hybrid sales model allowed us for significant independence from seasonality in the construction sector, January turnover was always lower than that achieved in the preceding month. January 2018 proved to be historic for that reason as well. In terms of the revenue from sales it was better than December 2017 by nearly 10 percent. I deeply believe that like the beginning of the year, like the whole year, “comments Krzysztof Folta, the President of TIM SA Management Board.

Traditionally, the dynamics of sales in the e-commerce channel in January 2018 was higher than the dynamics of the general revenue, as it amounted to 31.7%, while the revenue from online sale have reached the level of PLN 43.45 million.

It follows from the preliminary data published on February 20, 2018 by the Central Statistics Office, that the construction and assembly production (in constant prices), including investment-related and repair works, completed in the country by construction companies hiring more than 9 workers, in January 2018 was by 34.7% higher than in the preceding year and by 57.8% lower compared to December 2017. Excluding the impact of seasonal factors, the construction and assembly production was at the lever lower by 30.7% than in January 2017, and 8.8% higher compared with December 2017.