Best annual turnover in the history of TIM SA

Early estimates suggest that in 2018 net revenues of TIM SA from the sales of goods and services directly related to the sale of goods amounted to over PLN 753 million – 14.4% more than in 2017. This is the highest level of annual revenues since in 1987 when TIM was established.

During the 12 months of the last year the e-commerce channel brought almost PLN 534 million (+14.2% y/y), which of course is also the best result since TIM launched the e-shop in 2013.

According to the estimates, the December online revenues from sales amounted to PLN 38.26 million, which means an increase by 4.6% as compared to December 2017. Whereas the total value of the turnover in December 2018 exceeded PLN 53.81 million, which is an increase by 1.6% as compared to December 2017.

– The year 2018 ended with the best quarter in the history of TIM during which we exceeded twice the limit of PLN 70 million of the monthly sales revenues. The e-commerce channel generated 71% of our annual turnover and it constitutes the basis for the company’s further stable development in the new year. This gives us peace of mind and courage to act in the face of ever more pronounced signs of the economic slowdown. Over five years have passed since the launch of our e-shop and the online sales is becoming a standard in the electrotechnical industry and not something unique. It all started with TIM and the satisfaction is mine. We are full of ambition and potential to continue to set the trends on the market – says Krzysztof Folta, the President of the Management Board of TIM SA.