Big hearts (and other muscles) of TIM SA employees

“Aktywny TIM dla Przyjaciół” [Active TIM for Friends] charity campaign brought PLN21500. The kilometers made by employees of TIM SA during over three weeks of competition in nine types of physical activity were converted into PLN that was donated for treatment and rehabilitation of two TIM employees’ sons. The final campaign took place during a family picnic on the occasion of the 30th birthday of TIM SA.

From April 28 to May 22, 2018, 79 people, which is 30% of the TIM SA staff, gathered  kilometers with the use of mobile app in nine physical activities: jogging, skating, cycling, roller skis, walking, nordic walking, wandering, scooter riding and skateboarding. And all this for a very noble purpose.

The sons of two TIM employees require constant care, treatment and rehabilitation. And it takes not only a lot of time, but also money. Therefore, all the kilometers recorded for more than three weeks have been converted to PLN (1 km = PLN 0.50), which TIM SA Management Board decided to donate to the foundations which cooperate with both the families.

In the individual competition, TIM SA employees made PLN 21.894, 27 km, which is almost PLN11.000! Among all the participants involved in the event, it was Michael Wisniewski from the Commercial Office of TIM SA in Gdańsk that appeared unrivalled, as he alone exceeded the threshold of 2000 km (2100.08 km), almost entirely on a bike. Jaroslaw Sawala, working at the Head Office of TIM SA in the Department of Purchases with the result of 1659.78km was the second and Rafał Ślipek from the Sales Office in Lodz (1211.7 km) ranked third.

On May 25, 2018, in Topacz Castle near Wroclaw, we organized “Nasz TIM i Friends” [Our TIM and Friends] family picnic on the occasion of the 30th birthday of TIM SA. There were stationary bikes waiting for the participants where they could “earn” additional kilometres, which had no effect on the individual classification, but increased the balance of the entire campaign.

The TIM team again did not disappoint us, making additional 164 km. And that meant that the balance of the campaign rose to 22,058.27 km, i.e. PLN11,029.14, which meant PLN 5514.57 for each of the boys in need.

Meanwhile, Krzysztof Folta, the President of the TIM SA Management Board, announced during the picnic that the TIM SA Board decided to round this amount up – and to round it up a lot! Namely, they rounded it up so that each child received exactly PLN10,000. That is why the check which was handed out by Krzysztof Folta to Ewelina Kalus, the head of the HR Department, was for PLN 20,000.

In addition, Jarosław Sawala, the  runner-up, decided to donate the prize he won in the competition, a Blue-Ray player, to the auction. As a result of the auction carried out spontaneously by the President Folta, the balance of the “Active TIM for friends” campaign increased by another PLN1500 – the winner was Tadeusz Niziński, the head of the TIM SA branch in Nysa.

“It has not been the first time that our staff proved that they can combine targets not only directly related to work”, notes Krzysztof Folta, the President of the TIM SA Management Board. “What is more, the “Active TIM for Friends” campaign was not just about the competition and possible awards, since the composition of the podium established quite quickly and it was virtually unthreatened until the very end. Meanwhile, many people collected kilometers, running or riding up until midnight on the last day of competition with a view to the sons of our colleagues that need help. This confirmed that the name of the campaign was chosen perfectly right. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed”, adds Krzysztof Folta.