Brokerage House – Biuro Maklerskie PKO BP: company valuation (for the year) at the level of PLN 662-802 mln (PLN 30-36 per 1 share)

The brokerage house Biuro Maklerskie PKO BP gave its analysis an optimistic title OpTIMistycznieThe document was published a few days after TIM’s publication of its results for the year 2020.  

We can reads the followingwe are raising our forecasts and expect a positive sales dynamics for this year (despite deconsolidation of at the level of 8% y/y (CAGR of revenues 2021-23: 8%)We assume cash flows will allow the Company to pay attractive dividends in the coming years (PLN 1.6 per share in 2021, PLN 1.68 per share in 2022)”. 

Based on the DCF model, BM PKO BP analysts determined the value of the companys valuation as at 26.04.2022 within the range of PLN 662-802 million, i.e. PLN 30-36 per share. 

The analysis can be downloaded from Komentarze, analizy, rekomendacje.