Concluding the reference contract



Current report no.



The Board of TIM S.A. with its registered seat in Wrocław, informs that on 25.06.2015 TIM S.A. received a signed copy of: Annexe No. 1 to the Cooperation Agreement of 27.05.2014 and the Yearly Contract for 2015, concluded by and between TIM S.A. and TELAFONIKA KABLE S.A. with its registered seat in Kraków, of 23.06.2015.

The Subject of Annexe No. 1 to the Cooperation Agreement is specifying cooperation principles in the scope of a sale by TELEFONIKA KABLE S.A. to TIM S.A. goods produced by TELEFONIKA KABLE S.A., i.e. cables and wires.
The information on concluding the Cooperation Agreement, mentioned above, was made public by TIM S.A. on 05.06.2014 (Current Report No. 20/2014).
The Subject of the Yearly Contract is specifying detailed trade terms and conditions regarding the above-mentioned goods between TIM S.A. and TELEFONIKA KABLE S.A.
The above-mentioned contracts are framework contracts which means that every time the basis for their execution shall be orders for goods placed by TIM S.A., specifying, among others: goods, quantity, and the delivery time.
The Cooperation Agreement shall be concluded for indefinite period of time subject to the fact that in case of failing to sign by the Parties the Yearly Contract for the subsequent period, the Cooperation Agreement shall expire with the 6-month term from the expiry date of the last Yearly Contract.
The Yearly Contract shall be concluded for the period by 31.12.2015.
The value of each of the above-mentioned contracts, within their terms shall be estimated as exceeding 10% of equity capital of TIM S.A. The provisions of the above-mentioned contracts do not diverge from the market standards of this type of contracts. The Contracts do not include the condition or a term of suspension; do not provide for contractual penalties which maximum value could exceed 10% of their value and they were concluded on the basis of terms and conditions commonly applied in this type of contracts.
The above-mentioned contracts/agreements fulfil the criterion of a reference contract due to the fact that their estimated value exceeds 10% of equity capital of TIM S.A.


2015-06-26, Artur Piekarczyk – Member of the Board
2015-06-26, Anna Slobodzian-Pula – Member of the Board