Dom Analiz SII: TIM „once again one step ahead of the competition”

Dom Analiz SII has updated its recommendation for TIM’s shares by determining a new 12-miesięczną target price at the level of PLN 12.82 and a “buy” rating.

SII analysts, Adrian Mackiewicz and Paweł Juszczak, have included in their analysis both the results of TIM and of the TIM Group for the year 2019, as also the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions introduced in this regard. As they note: “currently, business activity in a number of areas of the economy, including within the area of distribution of electrotechnical goods, is significantly impeded. E-commerce channel, successfully developed by the TIM Group for many years now, is becoming the key issue. Making use of this advantage over the competitors, we expect the Company to increase its market share, which will partly offset the decrease in the value of the entire market in 2020.” They forecast that TIM will close the entire year 2020 with consolidated revenues by 5.8% higher as compared to the year 2019. In 2021, they expect a stronger rebound on the market, which is going to result in the increase in the TIM Group’s revenues by 11.7%.

The update of recommendations of Dom Analiz SII can be downloaded from the webpage Comments, analyses and recommendations.