February 2023 in TIM SA: high base from 2022 as a major challenge, over 22% more customers than a year earlier

Preliminary estimates show that the revenue of TIM SA from net sales of goods and services directly related to the sales of goods amounted to more than PLN 111.8 million in February 2023, i.e. by 1.7% less than in the corresponding period in 2022.

The estimated online sales realised by customers alone in February 2023 amounted to PLN 75.9 million in February (-4.7% YOY.).

In the last decade of February 2022 a full-scale aggression of Russia into Ukraine started. This has not left the situation on the market on which TIM operates unaffected.

– Rising prices at suppliers combined with over-standard demand were most noticeable in March, but we saw it in the last decade of February 2022, which was closed with the sales revenues being higher by more than 53% when compared to February 2021. At that time, by the end of March 2022, the demand for the photovoltaic products range was additionally boosted by the programme „Mój Prąd” in the version allowing for energy billing according to the old rules, reminds Krzysztof Folta, President of the Management Board of TIM SA. Therefore, we have faced and will continue to face the challenge of the very high base from the first half of 2022. In February 2023 we lived up to it, almost equalling the result from the year ago. Sales as at the business day amounted to PLN 5.6 million, i.e. which is the same as in the first month of this February and the February 2022. This shows that we are not slowing down. The reason for satisfaction and optimism is also over 21.2 thousand customers who benefited from our offer in February 2023. This is an increase by more than 22 per cent when compared to February 2022, adds Krzysztof Folta.

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