First half of 2020 in the TIM Group: record-high turnover, higher consolidated financial results

Almost PLN 0.5 billion in sales revenues achieved by the TIM Group in the first half of 2020 (PLN 493.7 million, +18.2% y/y). Consolidated net profit increased by 11.3% (to PLN 9.4 million) and EBITDA by as much as 21.1% y/y to almost PLN 30 million. This is the effect of not only TIM and ROTOPINO.PL having excellently found their way in the pandemic reality but also of the further development of 3LP’s operations in the contract logistics segment, which increases diversification and stability of the Group’s operations.

TIM’s unit turnover amounted to over PLN 431.1 thousand which means an increase by 14.6% as compared to the first half of 2019. At the same time their share in total consolidated revenues from sales amounted to 87.3% and was the lowest in history – this is the result of the dynamic development of subsidiary companies ROTOPINO.PL and 3LP.

– Revenues from the sale of logistics services provided by 3LP to customers from outside the Group increased significantly – by over 100% – emphasizes Krzysztof Folta, the President of the Management Board of TIM SA. – In the first half of 2020 these revenues accounted for 44% of all revenues of 3LP generated from logistics services. We assume that in the entire 2020 it will be approx. 45% and in the years to follow the revenues from customers other than TIM and ROTOPINO.PL will exceed 50% of the share in the company’s revenues from logistics services – he adds.

Sales and responsible business

In the first half of 2020 over 71-percent of TIM’s turnover accounted for the purchases realised through the e-commerce channel. This is 1 percentage point more than in the previous year, which is the manifestation of the model’s stability and of the repeatability of the sales through its main channel. In the second quarter of 2020, i.e. in the period entirely covering the time of the pandemic the number of new users registering on the trading platform increased by over 52%. Vast majority of these customers were from the Installer segment.

– This if a confirmation of the effectiveness of our business model and the awareness of its advantages also with potential customers. In the face of the pandemic they have chosen shopping online with TIM as the safest, and characterised by reliable service, access to the widest range of electrotechnical products in Poland. This is the proof of effectiveness of our sales network whose team – also in the conditions of remote work – was successfully acquiring new customers – notes Piotr Nosal, Board Member and Commercial Director of TIM SA.

Within the sales structure of the TIM’s assortment, it is worth paying attention to “photovoltaics” group of products which in the first half of 2020 generated a total of over 3% of TIM’s turnover. Since 2019 TIM has been consistently expanding its offer in this sector concurrently increasing the sales. In addition, already in the first weeks of 2020, faced with the difficulties related to production and imports from the Chinese market, the company secured continuity of access to these products. Currently, products for photovoltaic installations are available for purchase both from the 3LP SA Logistics Centre in Siechnice, as also in alternative sales models (dropshipping) from the warehouses of TIM’s trading partners.

– We strongly focus on the development of this offer due to at least two reasons. Firstly, it is becoming more and more popular – which is natural – considering governmental funding for such installations. Secondly, we perceive this as an element of our responsible business operations activities. We are proactive in our endeavors and develop along with our customers and offer them modern and pro-ecological solutions – explains Piotr Nosal.

Stability in times of uncertainty

The development of the logistics company 3LP is clearly noticeable not only in the TIM Group’s consolidated revenues from sales. Better use of the capacity of the logistics centre in Siechnice and more effective management of other costs caused the growth dynamics of operating costs amount to 17.7% y/y. – and it was lower than the growth dynamics of the Group’s turnover (+18.2% y/y).

– As a result the operating result increased year on year by 30% and EBITDA by 21% – says  Piotr Tokarczuk, Board Member and Financial Director of TIM SA. – A significant improvement in profitability of the activities of 3LP SA and ROTOPINO.PL SA has translated into increases in all the Group’s basic profitability ratios. The increasingly stronger segment of logistics services in the TIM Group also allows us to diversify our business – he adds.

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