From PIM to PimCore, TIM’s case study at the international E-commerce Berlin Expo conference

Jan Żaba – Tech Lead from the Development and Technology Department of TIM S.A. – was among the speakers present at international conference E-commerce Berlin Expo which took place this year. He gave a presentation entitled Expand product catalogue by opening PIM to your partners using PimCore, during which he described the case study of PimCore implementation in TIM.  

Since 2016, the conference has been an annual event that has been focusing on the e-commerce industry (both in terms of B2C and B2B). In each subsequent year representatives of many larger and smaller companies have attended representing business not only from all over Europe, but also, for instance, from the USA and Japan. It is at the conference where technology companies which provide solutions to e-commerce entities meet with other companies or brands that – as in the case of TIM – implement and manage these solutions on their own. Due to the pandemic, the event could not have taken place in February in the city of Berlin, instead it was moved to May and held online under a brand new name as E-Commerce Berlin – Virtual Edition. 

TIM’s participation in the conference was due to their win in The Call for Papers competition. The competition itself consisted of two parts – votes by online users and the final vote made by an independent committee appointed by the organizer to select the winning speaker. TIM participated in the category for IT for E-commerce and gathered 239 online users votes which resulted in the second place for Jan Zaba’s presentation (with a loss of only one vote to the winning place). Ultimately, however, the jury awarded TIM with the first place and thus invited them to speak during this year’s conference. 

Jan Żaba from the Development and Technology Department (the best B2B e-commerce team in Poland of 2020 according to the e-Commerce Director of the Year competition organized by the Chamber of Electronic Commerce) gave a presentation entitled ‘Expand product catalogue by opening PIM to your partners using PimCore’. – The presentation was a description of a case study, which took place at TIM, a B2B e-commerce company, where we replaced a custom PIM with a PimCore solution, which is a PHP software platform that is used to manage data in the e-commerce industry, says Jan Żaba. –This is basically the story of how we opened our system to suppliers, which in turn contributed to the development of the dropshipping business model, he adds. 

Dropshipping is an incredibly dynamically developing model of cooperation with suppliers in TIM company. It is also an element of the company’s medium-term strategy designed for 2019-2021. Thanks to this model, the offer of the platform is expanding more and more dynamically with new products coming from outside the electrical engineering business. 

We highly encourage everyone to watch Jan Żaba’s presentation.