Future electricians competed under the auspices of TIM

At the end of November another edition of the WorldSkills Poland 2022 – a competition for university, technical and vocational schools students was held in Gdansk. This is the second edition of the event in which one of the competitions were ‘Electrical Wirings’. TIM SA was one of the patrons of that competition – alongside Hager and Siemens and Bialystok University of Technology.

WorldSkills is a world class event which in a form of a competition encourages students to improve their professional qualifications. For the young Poles, the competition in Gdansk was the first step of the competition and a gateway into the next stages – EuroSkills, in which representatives of 32 European countries compete, and WorldSkills – the stage to which the contestants from as many as 85 countries are invited. That is the biggest competition of this kind in the world.

The category ‘Electrical Wirings’ was introduced in the WorldSkills Poland competition for the first time in 2021. Even back then the organisers of the competition (Foundation for the Development of the Education System) invited the representatives of TIM SA to cooperate on creating it. The company became the patron of that category and one of the TIM representatives, Piotr Bibik took on the role of the competition expert. This time it was similar.

– WorldSkills is an amazing opportunity for young people – says Piotr Bibik – marketing project manager at TIM SA – it was not only a chance for them to win prestigious prizes but also to get to know the industry leaders and their representatives better. In many cases it results in establishing a longer relationship between the finalist and the patron of the field. It was the case last year when we engaged the competition participants to collaborate on a development of the Łączy Nas Napięcie portal which belongs to TIM. This year we also offer them a chance to grow and collaborate with us – he adds.

In this year’s competition almost 200 contestants were judged by nearly 140 experts. Moreover, throughout the 3 days the event was visited by over 10,000 viewers who cheered for their favourites and visited the trade and partner’s stalls.