Head office of TIM SA in the competition for the best office space [PHOTO, VIDEO]

Interior design of the TIM SA Wrocław head office has been qualified to this year’s third edition of the OFFICE SUPERSTAR competition. It promotes organizations which do not perceive their offices as a mere workplace but which create a friendly and comfortable space for their employees. The competition is organized by CBRE – the world’s largest consulting and investment company operating in the commercial real estate sector.

TIM’s office is fighting for awards in two categories: “Social space” and “Best regional office: Wrocław”. Since December 2018 the company’s head office has been located on the last, seventh floor of a newly built Cu Office building at ul. Jaworska 13 in Wrocław. Around 110 people are occupying the area of ​​almost 1,700 sq. m.

– In this new office we are finally all on the same floor, which we were missing a lot in the previous location. When designing the interior, we had been trying to make it more spacious than before and comfortable so that everyone finds a place to be feeling good – says Barbara Matkowska-Włosek, Marketing Director of TIM SA and the leader of the “New head office of TIM SA” project. – We wanted to create space that would be conductive to creativity, that would stimulate and at the same time offer comfort at work. What’s important – she emphasizes – this space has implemented a number of our employees’ ideas thanks to which it is tailored to our needs and the organizational culture.

Two teams: one composed of eight employees from various TIM departments and a design team from the ARS Retail Group, composed of: Dominika Ladowska, Karolina Czapska and Igor Romaniuk, worked jointly on the space arrangement.

– Our intention was to create space that unites employees and reflects the spirit of the company, which is the people. Hence the prevalence of glazing – the symbol of transparency, openness and readiness to act. We gave up, to a large extent, the idea of separated office systems and went for open or semi-open spaces – adds Dominka Ladowska from ARS Retail Group. – This kind of space arrangement allows to breath freely, allows for greater freshness in thinking and acting, even encourages interaction.

The winners of the OFFICE SUPERSTAR 2019 competition will be selected by an 11-person chapter composed of experts in various fields, including architecture, sociology, design, trends, real estate. Selection will be based on qualitative criteria defined in the competition regulations. The results will be announced on 3 October 2019 during the Warsaw Gala.


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