Junior Digital Economy School is the first project within the TIM Group’s ESG strategy for 2023-2026

Seventh-grade pupils from Długołęka Primary School took part in a workshop of the Junior Digital Economy School on the premises of the TIM SA head office. The Wrocław launch of the Chamber of Electronic Commerce’s initiative fits perfectly with the TIM Group’s new ESG strategy.

The Digital Economy School has been supporting the development of professional competences of representatives of the e-commerce industry for years. TIM representatives have participated as speakers several times, and the premises of the company’s head office have twice served as a venue for Digital Economy School classes.

Autumn 2022 saw the launch of the Junior Digital Economy School, an educational and development project aimed at primary school children and adolescents, and their parents, with the aim of developing the skills to navigate the internet in an informed and safe manner. The Junior Digital Economy School is held under the patronage of the Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę Foundation, the Children’s Ombudsman, NASK, the Consumer Federation, Janusz Cieszyński, Secretary of State at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister for Digitalisation, and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The School’s programme covers the most important issues in terms of safety, hate, digital competence, online shopping, social media or the use of the latest technology. So far, classes have been held in Warsaw, Łódź and Zielona Góra.

Share knowledge and inspire

TIM, together with Setup.pl, has become a partner of the Wrocław edition of the Junior Digital Economy School. During the three-hour classes organised on 13 June 2023, young people took part in several workshops and lectures. During one of these, TIM experts explained user experience issues using popular websites and applications as examples. In another presentation, they showed how many teams with very different competences are needed to make an e-commerce business work, dispelling the myth that only programmers and graphic designers are necessary to make an e-commerce business work. Other speakers talked about cyber-security and cyber-hate, places on the internet to support learner development, and how artificial intelligence can enhance the work of an e-commerce company.

“We have participated as a partner in the “adult” version of the Digital Economy School for years, and we were delighted to join the Junior Digital Economy School. This initiative is perfectly in line with the assumptions of TIM Group’s new ESG strategy, which we completed this spring,” says Michał Kostrowicki, corporate communication manager at TIM SA, responsible for the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, including the organisation of the Junior Digital Economy School. “Among TIM’s priorities set therein are sharing knowledge in the field of new technologies and programming or encouraging pupils and students to learn about our business areas. Perhaps our Junior Digital Economy School classes will become an inspiration for young people when choosing a secondary school with a future career path in mind,” he adds.

Six months of work on the ESG strategy

TIM Group’s ESG strategy for 2023-2026 is the first such document covering both Group companies. To date, TIM has followed its own CSR strategy from 2019, while 3LP had a sustainable development policy.

“The three pillars of the strategy (Sustainable Relationships, Innovative Operations, Growth Opportunities), from which the objectives and priorities result, are viewed from four perspectives: customers and business partners, employees, society and the environment. For each pillar and perspective, we have defined a total of 26 measurable, company-specific targets until 2026: 16 for TIM and 10 for 3LP. We have also formulated four common objectives at the level of the entire TIM Group. Three of them contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals from the UN’s Agenda 2030,” says Piotr Tokarczuk, Member of the Management Board and financial director of TIM SA.

See a gallery from the Junior Digital Economy School activities at the TIM SA head office