Łączy nas napięcie – a new social networking platform not only for electrical engineers

At the end of September, on the initiative of TIM SA, we launched a portal „Łączy nas napięcie” (We are connected by voltage). It is a place where everyone who has contact with electrical industry can share their knowledge and ask questions on any subject related to the broadly understood electrical engineering.

„Łączy nas napięcie” is a portal operating in the Q&A (questions and answers) model. It is open to the public – every Internet user can set up an account and then ask and answer questions. There are six thematic categories: electricity, lighting, home and garden, electronics, construction and mechanics.

Questions, Answers and… Awards

– The creation of the portal was guided by the idea „there are no stupid questions, there are only stupid answers” – explains Piotr Bibik, coordinator of the project „Łączy nas napięcie”. – It has been created for people who are looking for solutions to challenges related to electrotechnical industry.  It is therefore an ideal place to ask questions for electricians, DIY enthusiasts, persons renovating their apartments or students of technical schools.  To make the long story short: this is a portal for anyone dealing with electrical engineering. All these people are welcome to visit laczynasnapiecie.pl and actively participate in the life of the community – he says.

Each registered user can ask their own questions, as also help others by proposing their own solutions. Motivation to engage in community life is the scoring and rewarding system provided for the most active users. Each question asked and answer replied are assigned with appropriate number of points to a given user account. This is the basis for the creation of a ranking of the most engaged persons who, in return for their activity, receive attractive prizes – both in kind and in the form of discount codes to be used on the TIM.pl platform.

Experts and Their Advice

In addition to the part where the entire community can participate, the platform also features an expert blog – a place to publish articles prepared by practitioners with substantive knowledge in a given field.

– The expert blog is a kind of a knowledge base where one can find concrete examples and advice described by professionals – says Piotr Bibik. – We are constantly expanding this portal with further articles and procure further industry experts for cooperation. We strive to ensure that the entire platform is fed with most reliable and valuable content. We also address legal aspects which are often omitted – he adds.

Responsible Business

For several years now, TIM has been holding the position of the leader in the distribution of electrotechnical industry in Poland. The company’s specific duty involves taking care of the integration of the industry community and education in the field of electrotechnical engineering.

– Our ambition is to maintain the position of the leader, which is associated with continuous development in a number of fields – says Piotr Nosal, Board Member and Commercial Director of TIM S.A. – The project „Łączy nas napięcie” fits our responsible business strategy we are implementing through, among other things, professionalism of activities, development together with our environment and sharing knowledge – he adds.