May 2022 in TIM Group: sales at the same level as February and April and an increase in the number of customers

Preliminary estimates show that, five months into 2022, TIM SA’s revenues from net sales of goods and services directly related to sales of goods exceeded PLN 623.1 million (+34.1% YOY). Estimated sales revenues of TIM SA increased in May 2022 by 12.5% YOY to over PLN 114.1 million. 

Revenues from online sales made by customers on their own amounted to almost PLN 77.7 million (+2.8% YOY) in May 2022, according to estimates. 

“I am really satisfied with the sales in May, similar to sales revenues in February and April 2022, especially considering that the month, opening with a long weekend, had only twenty working days. Some product groups are still seeing the effect of stocking up on supplies in March 2022, just after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. In percentage terms, we have maintained a two-digit growth, which is a positive development,” says Krzysztof Folta, President of the Management Board of TIM SA. “Importantly, in the past month, we saw an increase in the number of customers. Our products attract new customers, and this is a key element allowing us to look optimistically to the future as far as further sales growth is concerned,” he adds. 

TIM SA served 17,375 customers in May this year, over 4,000 more customers than in May 2021. The Company has thus maintained the upward trend and high dynamics in this area. Sales to new customers amounted in May this year to PLN 14.4 million, almost 13% of TIM SA’s total revenues in the past month.