mBank about the TIM Group: PLN 813 million turnover in 2018, PLN 922 million in 2020

mBank predicts increase in turnover and profitability of logistics for the TIM Group. In a special comment dated 13 July 2017, bank analysts predict that 2018 is going to end with the turnover by 13% higher than in 2017, EBITDA higher by 243% YOY (PLN 24.9 million) and almost PLN12 million of net profit. The growing importance of e-commerce will positively influence both the development of TIM SA as well as of the 3LP logistics company.

mBank’s experts assume that online sales will grow much faster than traditional sale in the years to come. In 2020, the growth in the traditional channel will be practically stopped, at the expense of increased turnover in the online channel. And that means a good time not only for TIM SA, already earning most of the revenue from e-commerce, but also for 3LP SA: “The growing importance of e-commerce on the Polish market allows us to believe that in the coming years there will also be a need to transform warehouses for the purposes of online sales. It can therefore be concluded that the demand for the company’s products and services in the coming years will still be strong. In our view, a clear trend towards making purchases online will foster the acquisition of new customers by our 3LP subsidiary (outsourcing of logistics services, with particular regard to entities operating in e-commerce).

The entire announcement can be downloaded here.