Over PLN 0.5 billion turnover of TIM SA after eight months

Early estimates suggest that in August 2019 net revenues of TIM SA from the sales of goods and services directly related to the sale of goods amounted to over PLN 63.5 million (+1.3% y/y). As a result, after eight months of this year, the company’s estimated turnover significantly exceeded PLN 0.5 billion (PLN 515.7 million, +5.7% y/y), whereas in 2018 such a result was recorded a month later.

Estimated revenues from the e-commerce channel in August 2019 were similar to those achieved in the corresponding period of 2018 and amounted to PLN 44.4 million (-2.4% y/y). After eight months of 2019 the turnover from online sales was 4.3% higher than that achieved in January-August 2018 and amounted to PLN 362.2 million.

– One business day less than a year before combined with a mid-month long weekend made August 2019 de facto resemble the same period last year in terms of turnover. It is hard to fight the calendar, which does not mean that after eight months of the year I have no reasons to be satisfied – says Krzysztof Folta, the President of the Management Board of TIM SA. – Our accumulated turnover significantly exceeded half a billion zlotys after the end of August. This is the earliest in the entire history of TIM. Just think, only four years ago, in 2015, we were happy about the fact that it was our annual sales revenues that reached this threshold amounting at that time to PLN 535.3 million (against PLN 496.6 million after 2014). This is the best demonstration of how long is the way we have come recently. The most intense months in the electrotechnical industry are ahead of us, which fills me with additional doze of optimism – adds Krzysztof Folta.

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