Polski Dom Maklerski [Polish Brokerage House]: we stand by our positive attitude to TIM and our belief about the attractiveness of its valuation

Polski Dom Maklerski, in the report of 12.04.2018,  points out „great operational cash flow and stable accounting liquidity of TIM”. Talking about the 1st quarter of 2018, PDM expects the best quarter in the history of the company in terms of revenue.

The Analysts of Polski Dom Maklerski expect that the Q1 2018 is going to finish with positive EBITDA and EBIT (PLN3.6 and 1m, respectively), and net profit at the level of PLN0.6m.

PDM supports the current  “buy” recommendation, indicating PLN14.86 as the target price.

The complete report (in Polish) may be downloaded here.