Recommendation of Dom Analiz SII: TIM – buy

12-month target price of the shares of TIM SA: PLN 11.50 which means growth potential equal to 35.3%. In addition, over PLN 910 million of revenue and PLN 23.7 million of profit on sales of the TIM Group in 2019. These are just some of the elements of the over 35-page recommendation of Dom Analiz SII for the shares of TIM SA.

“We assume that the year 2018 was just a prelude to what the Group is able to show in the years to come. In our forecasts, we expect further improvement in both revenues and realized margins” – write the analysts of Dom Analiz SII. They predict that the net revenues from sales of TIM Capital Group in 2021 will exceed PLN 1 billion reaching the level of PLN 1095.2 million.