ROTOPINO.PL S.A. leaves the TIM Capital Group

TIM SA, the largest distributor of electrical engineering products and the leader of the B2B e-commerce sector in Poland, and OPONEO.PL SA – a company known as the leader in online sales of tires in Poland – have signed a conditional agreement for the sale by TIM to OPONEO.PL of 10 million shares of ROTOPINO.PL S.A. which is 100% of the share capital of this company.

The agreement covers the amount of PLN 35 million and the condition for its execution and purchase of shares by OPONEO.PL S.A. is to obtain the final consent of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection to the concentration.

In 2011 TIM SA purchased from OPONEO.PL S.A. shares of the Bydgoszcz company MARKETEO.COM thus becoming its majority shareholder. This resulted in the creation of the TIM Capital Group. Having merged with SA MARKETEO.COM assumed the name ROTOPINO.PL S.A. and TIM – after ROTOPINO.PL had left the NewConnect market – has become the owner of 100% of the company’s shares.

ROTOPINO.PL S.A. is currently the leader on the domestic market in online sale of tools and power tools for customers from the B2C sector. <0} It is also engaged in the sales in 8 European Union countries. The company owns a total of a dozen or so online stores, including<0} and

TIM – the largest wholesale distributor of electrotechnical products in Poland – as per the medium-term development strategy – wishes to focus on strengthening its position on the B2B market and organize the sale to consumers almost exclusively in the indirect (B2B2C) model. The second company from the TIM Group – 3LP SA – provides logistic services for business customers from the e-commerce sector.

– The purchase in 2011 of MARKETEO.COM shares, i.e. of today’s ROTOPINO.PL, was a significant impulse at the very beginning of TIM’s adventure with e-commerce. The passion, competences and experience of the Bydgoszcz team made it easier for TIM to change the business model and move from the offline world to the online one – mentions Krzysztof Folta, the President of the Management Board of TIM SA.– Today, at TIM, we see the greatest development potential on the B2B market – in direct and in alternative models, such as dropshipping. ROTOPINO.PL operates on the B2C market, so the return under the wing of the leader in this field, i.e. OPONEO.PL, will ensure optimal development for the Company. The TIM Group is going to maintain close relations with it – 3LP will continue to provide it with logistics services and TIM – to cooperate with it within the scope of commercial activities – adds President Krzysztof Folta.