Taki Tydzień, że OOO! (A Nationwide Education Operation Week) TIM supports speech therapists at schools and kindergartens

The Nationwide Educational Operator Educational Foundation and TIM.pl are joining forces to raise money for equipment for school and kindergarten speech therapy offices. From 21 to 27 August, purchases of selected products equate to real help for several thousand children during the new school year.

Almost 30% of children in Polish kindergartens and primary schools struggle with speech difficulties. Meanwhile, if neglected, these can worsen, cause relationship problems, amplify embarrassment and are often an object of ridicule and annoyance. Early diagnosis and systematic exercise under the eye of a specialist is the key to positive and lasting effects.

– More than 7,600 children are educated in our foundation schools and kindergartens. “We provide them with free speech therapists’ support and see every day how important and necessary it is,” emphasises Kaja Reszke, Director of the Communication and Fundraising Department of the Nationwide Educational Operator Foundation, which runs free educational facilities across the country. – It’s not just working on speech difficulties. It’s also about developing vocabulary, teaching how to listen with understanding, working on your voice and even addressing reading and writing difficulties.

New light for the new school year

The equipment of speech therapy offices in 63 free, public schools and kindergartens managed by the Nationwide Education Operation Foundation was supported by the Electrical Engineering Centre for TIM. pl professionals. From 21-27 August, together with the foundation, they are announcing “Taki Tydzień, że OOO!” (A Nationwide Education Operation Week) For every GTV RIO desk lamp sold these days, PLN 5 will go to support specialists looking after more than 7,000 children across Poland.

– We often engage in social activities where we support the health or psychophysical development of children and young people. That is why we were happy to accept the foundation’s offer to jointly announce Taki Tydzień, że OOO! – says Michał Kostrowicki, communications manager responsible for the implementation of the CSR/ESG strategy at TIM SA, operating the Electrical Engineering Centre for TIM.pl. professionals. – This is a great time to think about lighting up a child’s room for the months of learning and help equip school and kindergarten speech therapy rooms as well.

Let us be clear: Speech therapist in every school!

The money raised during the TIM.pl charity week will go towards supporting the SPEECH THERAPIST IN EVERY SCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN programme. The programme, run by the National Education Operator Foundation, includes:

  • equipping speech therapy clinics with modern therapy aids,
  • providing individual and group activities for children,
  • opening and equipping offices in new facilities,
  • training of professionals working with children in schools and kindergartens.

“Good education is not only about a curriculum that keeps up with the challenges of the modern world or interesting classes taught by dedicated teachers,” notes Krzysztof Folta, President of the Management Board of TIM SA. – It is also about care and assistance in the development of children in many aspects, including speech therapy. Difficulties of this nature are often a major barrier for young people’s development, which is why I encourage you to support, together with TIM, the programme ‘Speech therapist in every school and kindergarten’.

“We are grateful that TIM, a company known for having a business that means more to them than just making money, has decided to support our foundation’s programme,” enthuses Kaja Reszke. ”Thanks to TIM, and its customers, we will be able to support children even better in their proper development and in overcoming obstacles.”

The charity week will continue from 21 to 27 August 2023 at: https://www.tim.pl/taki-tydzien-ze-ooo (Polish only).

The project details can also be found on the Foundation’s website: https://operator.edu.pl/pl/taki-tydzien-ze-ooo/ (Polish only).

The event will also be supported by an awareness campaign and social media promotion. The Nationwide Education Operation Foundation and TIM.pl would like to invite you to A Nationwide Education Operation Week!