The bank guarantee issued on request of 3LP SA - a subsidiary of TIM SA



Current report no.



The Management Board of TIM SA announces that on 30.10.2017 mBank SA with its registered office in Warsaw, acting on behalf of 3LP SA with its registered office in Siechnice, a subsidiary of TIM SA in which TIM SA owns 100% of shares _ hereinafter referred to as “3LP SA” _ issued an irrevocable, transferable and unconditional guarantee of payment up to the amount of EUR 2,262,805.54 EUR _in words: two million two hundred and sixty-two thousand eight hundred and five and 54/100 euro_, to the benefit of HE Wroclaw 3 spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością in order to secure timely payment of monetary liabilities arising from the leasing agreement of 03.11.2015, as amended on 02.11.2016 under the agreement made by and between 3LP SA, TIM and HE Wroclaw 3 Sp.z o.o. with regard to the plot of land, built up, in Siechnice at Kwiatkowskiego 24. The Management Board of TIM SA published the information on entering into the lease agreement referred to above in current statement No. 32/2015 of 03.11.2015 and in current statement No. 49/2016 of 10.11.2016.
The guarantee shall be valid from 30.10.2017 to 08.11.2018.
The security of obligations under the guarantee described above shall be a mortgage established for the benefit of mBank SA on the basis of perpetual use of land property located in Wrocław at ul. Stargardzka 8, described in the land and mortgage register KW No. WR 1 K/00095155/3, which remains in perpetual use by 3LP SA and where 3LP SA is the owner of buildings and structures, up to the amount of EUR 3.5 million _ in words: three million five hundred thousand euro_, the assignment of rights due to the insurance covering the above real estate and an in-blanco promissory note together with the promissory note declaration issued by 3LP SA.
The Management Board of TIM SA decided that the above information constitutes confidential information as referred to in Article 7 of MAR Regulation due to the fact that this information may have a potential effect on the financial results of TIM Capital Group.


2017-10-30, Krzysztof Folta – the President of the Management Board
2017-10-30, Anna Słobodzian-Puła – Member of the Management Board