The best February in the history of TIM SA

Preliminary estimates show that TIM SA’s revenue from net sales of goods and services directly related to the sale of goods in February 2018 amounted to almost PLN 53.74 million. It was at the same time by 21.8% higher than that achieved in February 2017. The accumulated turnover of TIM after just two months of 2018 significantly exceeded PLN100 million (111.8 million).

The revenues from sale in the e-commerce channel in February 2018 amounted to PLN 37.9 million – 17.3% more than in the corresponding month of 2017.

“We started the year with January that was the best in the history of TIM. We have sustained that trend – we have just left behind the record-breaking turnover of February. We may then expect a very good closing of the entire Q1 while maintaining the positive growth trend in the following months,” predicts Piotr Nosal, Chef Financial Executive of TIM SA. “February revenue from sale once again confirms the effectiveness of the operating model chosen by TIM. On the one hand, we take advantage of more and more investments – this is confirmed by the growth rate of total revenues which in February, for the first time in many months, was higher than the dynamics achieved online. On the other hand, the winter aura at the end of February did not favour construction works which, however, did not affect the stability an repeatability of our turnover, especially in the e-commerce channel. And that makes solid foundations for a very optimistic expectations regarding the remaining part of the year,” adds Piotr Nosal.