The best first half of the year on record for TIM in terms of sales

Preliminary estimates show that in June 2022, TIM S.A.’s revenues from net sales of goods and services directly related to sales of goods exceeded PLN 116 million (+5.6% YOY). Thus, the estimated sales revenue in H1 2022 reached PLN 739.2 million (+28.7% YOY) and PLN 345.8 million in Q2 2022 (+10.7% YOY).  

As for revenue generated by online sales carried out by our clients in June 2022, it was at a level similar to that from June 2021 (PLN 76.2 million, -0.4% YOY). In the entire Q2 2022, it amounted to PLN 235.2 million (+4% YOY), while in H1 2022 – more than PLN 0.5bn, specifically PLN 512.4 million (+27% YOY), for the first time in history.

“Estimated sales revenue in June 2022 were at the same level as in April and May. On the one hand, this demonstrates the strength of the “March effect”, when the invasion of Ukraine resulted in high uncertainty and record sales. Our customers are still using their March stocks. On the other hand, it is obvious that their purchasing decisions are characterised by great caution resulting from the macroeconomic situation,” notes Krzysztof Folta, CEO of TIM S.A. “As for the revenue of PLN 739 million in H1 2022, it is almost as much as TIM’s sales revenue just three and a half years earlier, after the whole of 2018 (PLN 751.5 million). This is a confirmation for us that customers choose TIM due to the widest and readily available range of products, for which I would like to thank them,” adds Krzysztof Folta.

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