The first in history integrated report of the TIM Group

Management report on the operations of TIM Capital Group for the year 2018 has, for the first time in history, the form of an integrated report, which means that it has been the first time TIM Group is reporting non-financial data on such a large scale.

TIM Group’s integrated report has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the international non-financial reporting standard Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards).

– We have decided to create it even though the Group had not yet been subjected to the legal obligation to publish non-financial information for the year 2018 – emphasizes Piotr Nosal, Board Member and Commercial Director of TIM SA.

This is also largely the result of the first in the history of TIM consultation meeting with stakeholders conducted in line with the principles of the AA1000SES  standard in the summer of 2018 in the form of a dialogue session. Its course confirmed that stakeholders are deeply interested in TIM’s approach to the principles of responsible business.

– During the meeting, our business and social partners provided us with their recommendations regarding, among other things, the scope of the reported non-financial information. At the same time we conducted a survey on our social commitment among all employees – says Barbara Matkowska-Włosek, Marketing Director of TIM SA.

As a result, in non-financial reporting for the year 2018 the TIM Group focused on the following areas: quality of customer service and their satisfaction; friendly workplace; employment, development and education of employees; employee health and safety, social commitment; impact on the environment.

Please, enjoy the read of the report – you can download it from the link below (PDF file, 12 MB) or from the website containing the consolidated annual report for 2018. We will be grateful for any comments and suggestions regarding its content.

Integrated report of the TIM Capital Group for 2018
12 MB