The record-breaking annual turnover of TIM SA

Preliminary estimates show that the turnover of TIM SA from January to December 2017 amounted to almost PLN 650.4 million. Thus, it was higher by 6.6% than that achieved in the corresponding period of 2016. That is the higher annual revenue from sale in the 30 year history of TIM SA.

“The record-breaking revenue makes a perfect gift at the end of the year in which we celebrated thirty years of TIM’s operation. I consider the whole last quarter of 2017 to be very successful – October and November were the best, respectively, in terms of turnover and the second best month in the entire history of TIM. The dynamics of online sales, which regularly exceeds the dynamics of total sales, and the growing number of investments in the electrical industry allow us to expect two-digit dynamics of the turnover in 2018. ” comments Krzysztof Folta, the President of the Management Board of TIM SA.

The turnover in December 2017 was similar to that in December 2016. (PLN 52.96 million, a decrease by 0.9%). The online sales in the last month of 2017 earned PLN 36.58 million (increase by 0.5% YOY), and the preliminary estimates for the annual revenue from sale in that channel achieved the record-breaking level of PLN 467.3 million and was higher by 8% than the revenue recorded in the period from January to December 2016.

“The crucial factor influencing the results achieved by TIM SA in December was the number of working days. There were 19 of them, compared to 21 working days in the preceding year. Taking into account the greater and greater share of the online sale, which is closely related to the number of working days, I consider the turnover earned in December 2017 very good. When it comes to all the year 2017, the number of working days was the smallest in 7 years. Despite the unfavourable calendar, the annual growth of total sales amounted to PLN6.6%, with 8% in the online channel. Therefore, I consider the year 2017 very successful,” adds Krzysztof Folta.