The record breaking opening of Q2 in TIM SA

Preliminary estimates show that TIM SA revenue from net sales of goods and services related directly to the sale of goods in July 2018 amounted to PLN 66.53 million and was by 25.7% higher than the turnover in the same period of 2017. July 2018 is the second best month in the entire history of TIM, very little behind the record-breaking October of 2017 (PLN 66.86 million).

The turnover of TIM SA after seven months of 2018 reached PLN 423.58 million – it is higher by 20.1% than the turnover from January-July 2017.

The revenues from the e-commerce channel increased in July 2018 by 22.6% y/y – up to PLN 47.19 million. After seven months of 2018, it exceeded PLN 300 million (PLN 301.75 million, i.e. +19.3% y / y).

“In 2018 it has already happened three times – in March, June and July- that our monthly turnover exceeded PLN60 million. This level until recently was reserved only for the months of autumn with the top purchases related to construction works”, notes Piotr Tokarczuk, Member of the Management Board and CFO of TIM SA. “We are constantly working to acquire new customers not connected directly with this sector, also by expanding our product offer. As you can see, that brings effects”, summarizes Piotr Tokarczuk.

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