The record-breaking opening of Q2 in TIM SA

Preliminary estimates show that TIM SA’s revenue from net sales of goods and services directly related to the sale of goods in April 2018 amounted to almost PLN 58.87 million. That means an increase by 27.3% compared to April 2017. Even higher dynamics (28.1%) have been recorded for the revenue from the e-commerce channel.

The turnover on online sales in 2018 amounted to PLN 42.36 million. The cumulative revenue from sales from January to April 2018 reached the level of nearly PLN 235.6 million, i.e. about 21.6% more than in the corresponding period of 2017. At that time, the e-commerce channel earned PLN166.23 million (an increase by 19.4% YOY).

“This year we have already celebrated the best January, February and March in the company’s thirty year history. April is no different – we have never had such a good opening of Q2 in TIM so far,” says Krzysztof Folta, the President of the Management Board of TIM SA. “You could say that this trend is getting a little monotonous, but I am happy about it, since I can see how much we can still achieve improving our operation model. What makes me very optimistic is that the high dynamics of the e-commerce channel is back and it slightly exceeds the dynamics of the general revenue. That means that we are driven not only by large transactions, related to the boom in the investment market, but also by the growing number of purchases from our regular clients”, adds Krzysztof Folta.