The suspension of the sale of the shares by 3LP S.A.



Current report no.



TIM S.A. with its registered office in Wrocław _hereinafter: ‘the TIM S.A.’ or ‘the Issuer’_ in reference to the current report no 8/2022 from 26 April 2022 on the approval by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority _ hereinafter: ‘the KNF’_ of the prospectus _ hereinafter: Prospectus’ _3LP S.A. with its registered office in Siechnice_ hereinafter: ‘3LP S.A.’ or May 2022 ‘Company’_, the Issuer’s subsidiary, informs that on 8 May 2022 the Management Board of 3LP S.A. in agreement with the Manager of the offer described in the Prospectus_ hereinafter: ‘Offer’_ decided to suspend the Offer without fixing a timetable of the Offer at a later date and to fix a timetable of the Offer at a later date.

In accordance with the announcement of the Management Board of 3LP S.A., the decision on suspension of the Offer was made due to the circumstances which may negatively affect the success of the Offer, where the market situation is of the greatest importance. It is the intention of the Company to make the Offer after the market situation has stabilized, which will allow to make proper investment decisions by prospective investors. All Company’s decisions on the new timetable will be disclosed to the public in due time and under the conditions specified in the Prospectus.

At the same time, the Management Board of TIM S.A. informs that any information on the Offer are disclosed to the public on the Internet website of 3LP S.A., that is:

3LP S.A. TIM S.A. informed on launching the necessary preparatory work to the first public offering of_IPO_ shares in the current report 21/2021 from 17 June 2021.
The Issuer disclosed to the public in the current report no 29/2021 from 2 November 2021 that the application for approval of the Prospectus by the KNF was submitted by 3LP S.A.

2022-05-09, Krzysztof Folta – President of the Board
2022-05-09, Piotr Tokarczuk – Member of the Board