Three nominations for TIM in the competitions of the Chamber of Electronic Economy

„Breaking the doubts” and „Best in e-commerce B2B” are the two categories among medium and large enterprises in which TIM SA has a chance to be awarded in the 8th edition of the competition organized by the Chamber of Electronic Economy. TIM’s Department of Development and Technology, in turn, has been nominated in the “Best e-commerce B2B team” category in the first competition in Poland honoring e-commerce directors and teams. All results to be announced already on 24 September 2020.

E-commerce Polska awards

is the most important competition in the e-commerce industry in Poland in which the winners are the largest and most innovative companies selling online or providing services to entities conducting business activities of the kind. Both the nominees and the winners are selected by a group of jurors with many years of experience who are recognized authorities and respected professionals in the field of e-commerce. Since 2014 TIM has been present in the competition almost continuously (except for 2017) as a nominee, laureate or honorable mention.

The category “Breaking the doubts” is intended for best solutions aiming at breaking the customer distrust in interactions with a product or service offered online, whereas “Best in e-commerce B2B” applies to the best implementations in the area of digital B2B. In the first one TIM’s competitors are and, and in the other – and Lynka.

Development and increase in the level of business digitization

This year’s both nominations for TIM relate to the “Sell and earn with” solution in the dropshipping model and/or thanks to the integration with the e-shop via API.

Dropshipping allows to place the products one manufactures/sells in the offer of the trading platform without having to deliver them to the logistics center used by TIM.  Sellers in the dropshipping model deliver products directly to customers, which is done, however, in accordance with the sales standards specified by TIM (shipment within maximum 48-72 hours after placing the order). Dropshipping is an easy and inexpensive way to quickly scale the sellers’ business and reach 10,000 customers visiting every day. For TIM it is an opportunity to make the offer more attractive, also offering the assortment not previously available on (e.g. sanitary fittings, gaming).

API allows various types of software to communicate with one another – including downloading or exchange of data. In the case of integration with TIM’s product database this means the possibility of inclusion in the offer (of one’s own e-shop or, for example, listed on of even tens of thousands of products (the final choice belongs to the integrated customer) sold by TIM. The users of the integration receive a regularly updated set of information about the products, as also the possibility to send the goods ordered this way directly to the end customer.

Both activities, which have been noticed on the market and nominated in the e-Commerce Polska awards 2020 competition, offered to business partners through the platform, are aimed at the development and increasing the level of digitization of the business of both TIM partners and TIM itself.

– This is the sixth edition of the e-Commerce Polska awards we have been nominated to. We started our adventure with this competition in 2014 with a distinction in the „Breaking the doubts” category after the first year of operation of At that time, we introduced a number of our customers into the world of e-commerce – it was us they have made their first online purchases with – recalls Piotr Nosal, Board Member and Commercial Director of TIM S.A. – Since 2019 once again we have been breaking the customers doubts. This time, however, it is not about buying online but about starting the sale or taking it to a whole new level. Such a possibility in Polish B2B trade is still rare, so the nomination also in the “Best in e-commerce B2B” category makes me glad. I would like to thank the jurors for appreciating our endeavors – adds Piotr Nosal.

One of the two best teams

The team making up the Department of Development and Technology of TIM SA

This year, the Chamber of Electronic Economy has initiated the “e-Commerce Director of the Year” competition. It has been created for the people who have made the innovative projects, activities and implementations in e-commerce businesses a success. Not only do those holding the positions of e-commerce heads have a chance to be honored with a distinction but also the entire teams. And it was in the “Best e-commerce B2B team” category that the Department of Development and Technology of TIM SA led by Krzysztof Rogalny has a chance for the laurel. However, it can now be said that it is one of the two best teams in Polish e-commerce B2B since the only TIM’s competitor in this category is

The winners of both competitions will be announced on 24 September 2020 during the grand gala in Warsaw, which will also be broadcast online.