TIM again the leader of the “Elektrosystemy” ranking

In the latest edition of “Hurtownie elektrotechniczne [Electrotechnical wholesales]” ranking published twice a year by “Elektrosystemy”, an industrial monthly magazine, TIM has been awarded the leadership position. The crucial criterion determining a position in the ranking was the volume of revenue from electrical engineering earned in the year 2017.

“Elektrosystemy” publishes the ranking twice a year – in May (turnover in the preceding year) and in November (turnover in the first half of the current year). TIM has held the 1st position continuously since may 2016 (revenue in the year 2015).

The editors of the magazine have also estimated TIM’s share in the electrical distribution market in Poland. TIM, holding the 1st position, has a 7% share in the very fragmented market.