TIM as the leader of the rank of electrotechnical wholesalers

In the latest rank of electrotechnical wholesalers, published by the “Elektrosystemy” business magazine, TIM SA once again holds the 1st place. The place was determined by the amount of revenue from the sale of electrotechnology in 2016.

As many as half of the companies included in the rank achieved worse turnover than in 2015. In the rank for the year 2016, the difference between the leader, which was TIM SA, and Alfa Elektro holding the 2nd place, amounted to over PLN 115.5 m. To compare, a year earlier the difference was “only” PLN 45 m. TIM SA has also achieved the highest one-year dynamics of turnover out of all the participants in the rank.

Here are the first five winners of the rank of “Electrosystems”:

  1. TIM – revenue from electrotechnology in 2016 in thousands of PLN: 652 904
  2. Alfa Elektro – 537 049
  3. Kaczmarek Electric – 390 400
  4. Onninen – 374 892
  5. Grodno – 317 823