TIM lights for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity!

Until Thursday, 24 January 2019, the Allegro charity auction is underway for the 27th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. We are bidding on the Magic Package, i.e. a set of energy-saving LED bulbs that give over 1,000,000 hours, i.e. 137 years of light!

Maybe the content of the Magic Parcel is not enough to stand till the end of the world and one day more, since we hope the mankind will last a little longer, however, in our opinion 1,000,000 hours is quite a lot. At TIM.pl, the total value of Philips and Kanlux products, making up the Magic Parcel, for the non-logged-in customers is over PLN 1000 gross. The auction’s starting price was PLN 500.

This is the first charity auction for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity organized by TIM SA.