TIM Mikołajów 2022 [Santa Claus’ TIM 2022] – third edition of TIM’s Christmas event

TIM once again begins its TIM Mikołajów event before Christmas. It will allow support to reach seventeen local institutions chosen by the clients – one per region where the Company operates. The budget – over PLN 390,000 in total – is a joint contribution of TIM and 48 manufacturers of products available at TIM.pl.

In 2020, the Management Board of TIM S.A. chose to not purchase Christmas gifts and book calendars for the clients and offered support to local communities instead. This is how the TIM Mikołajów event started, and the Company also invited its clients and business partners to participate in it. The clients chose the beneficiaries of the event by listing them in an anonymous online survey. Clients in each region were able to choose between three institutions selected by the employees of a given TIM S.A. Commercial Office. Business partners and, more precisely, suppliers of products available on TIM.pl contributed additional funds to the event budget.

After the spectacular success of the first edition of TIM Mikołajów, the event was held again in 2021. During the two editions, TIM S.A., together with 35 manufacturers, supported 35 local institutions, donating PLN 578,000 in total.

TIM Mikołajów 2022 is the biggest edition of the event. It was joined by 48 suppliers, and the pool exceeds PLN 390,000. As a result, each of the 17 regions will receive a donation of PLN 23,000 (in 2020, it was PLN 13,000, and in 2021 – PLN 21,000). The event’s beneficiaries will be recruited until 30 November, and announced on 6 December, on Saint Nicolas Day. Every Internet user can take part in the vote – it is not necessary to have an account at TIM.pl. to choose the beneficiaries.

The event in 2022 was joined by: Baks, B.E.G., Bemko, Bitner, Breve, BBC Cellpack, Cynk Mal, Damir, Doktorvolt, Eaton, Elektrokabel, Elektromet, Elit, Elko-Bis, Eltrim, EM Group, Ensto, Ergom, Erko, ETI Polam, F&F, Finder, Harting, Jakohurt, Kanlux, Keno, Kontakt Simon, Kopos, Ledvance, Legrand, Lena Lightning, Lider-Hurt, Marmat, NKT, OBO Bettermann, ORNO GROUP, Ospel, PCE, Phoenix Contact, Rawlplug, Relpol, Schneider Electric, Siemens, TF Kable, Grupa Topex, TT Plast, V-TAC, and Wiha.

TIM Mikołajów is one of many of TIM’s social initiatives developed within the scope of the company’s responsible business strategy – TIM pro. The idea pursued by the Company is to support local communities in pro-health, eco-friendly, educational, aid, and cultural areas.