TIM S.A at the top of the ranking of electrical engineering companies according to the market value

The portal rynekelektryczny.pl has presented the ranking of all 20 electrical engineering companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. TIM, with the market value of PLN 905.73 million was at the top of this list.

The twenty industry players present at the Warsaw Stock Exchange include producers, distributors and contractors. Their total value as at 01.10.2021 amounted to more than 3.2 billion PLN. Almost 1/3 of this (over 900 million PLN) is the value of TIM.

In addition, the company was second in terms of the increase in market value in September, which amounted to as much as 18% m/m.

The market value of electrical companies as at 01.10.2021.
The electrical market based on WSE data

Company Market value (PLN million)
TIM 905.73
Apator 721.74
ZPUE 287.00
Grodno 253.80
ELQ 209.00
Sonel 151.90
Lena Lighting 116.91
Radpol 114.02
APS Energia 104.85
Silvair 93.98
Relpol 77.64
Elektrotim 62.89
LUG 54.71
Energoaparatura 32.47
EKOBOX 27.63
Govena Lighting 16.94
Alumast 12.39
Poltronic 9.88
Elektromont 8.06
Apanet 3.58

Source: https://www.rynekelektryczny.pl/wartosc-rynkowa-firm-elektrotechnicznych/

The high market value of TIM is influenced, among other things, by record revenues. Since March this year, monthly revenues have been consistently exceeding PLN 100 million. Another record was set in September – PLN 122.3 million.