TIM Santas 2021 Event ended with a spectacular success

The Christmas season is a magical time when it is worth looking around and helping those who cannot celebrate due to some adversities or lack of health. TIM S.A. remembers about it. For the second year in a row, the company and its customers have helped the most needy with the TIM Santas campaign. Financial support went to 18 foundations and other institutions from all over Poland. 

TIM S.A., running the TIM.pl internet platform, has become a nationwide distribution leader and a B2B e-commerce pioneer in the electrotechnical industry. The history of the company dates back to the end of the 1980s. The company’s main office is located in Wrocław, but its sales offices are located in seventeen cities throughout Poland – and it was in these 17 regions that the beneficiaries of the action were selected. 

TIM Santas – let’s pass the POWER together! 

“For the second time in a row, we conducted a Christmas campaign, in which we resigned from the purchase of Christmas gifts for our customers, and in return we donated funds for this purpose to local foundations and institutions” says Krzysztof Folta, President of the Management Board of TIM S.A. “We are a leader, so our duty is to support the local communities in which we operate, as well as to set trends in the industry in the field of corporate social responsibility. Both of these premises are included in our TIM pro responsible business strategy” explains Folta. 

“As a result, the pool of funds with a total value of over PLN 350,000 went to local institutions and foundations. Each of the seventeen regions received a donation of PLN 21,000, while last year it was PLN 13,000. Such a large amount is the result of the joining of 35 producers of products that TIM has on offer. The customers of TIM.pl actively participated in the selection of beneficiaries, who in the online survey eagerly indicated the institutions in their area who were most needy in their opinion. 

Beneficiaries of TIM Santas 2021 

Although TIM operates in 17 regions, 18 beneficiaries were selected in the second edition of the campaign. The company was surprised by customers of the Sales Office in Radom, who gave an equal number of responses in the survey for two institutions. Therefore, TIM decided to divide the amount allocated to this region and support both organizations. 

Among the selected beneficiaries there are institutions with a different subject of activity. These are orphanages, hospices as well as aid foundations and even a sports club. The full list of gifted institutions includes: 

  • Stowarzyszenie “Bezpieczeństwo Dziecka” – Bydgoszcz, 
  • Stowarzyszenie Opieki Hospicyjnej Ziemi Częstochowskiej – Częstochowa, 
  • Fundacja Hospicjum Pomorze Dzieciom – Gdańsk, 
  • Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Dzieciom i Młodzieży “Dom Aniołów Stróżów” – Katowice, 
  • Stowarzyszenie “Kolory” – Leszno, 
  • Lubelskie Hospicjum dla Dzieci im. Małego Księcia – Lublin, 
  • Fundacja Pomocy Dzieciom „Kolorowy Świat” – Łódź, 
  • Fundacja Dom Rodzinnej Rehabilitacji Dzieci z Porażeniem Mózgowym – Opole, 
  • Placówka Opiekuńczo-Wychowawcza “Nasz Dom” – Poznań, 
  • Stowarzyszenie Klub “Amazonki” w Pionkach – Radom, 
  • Fundacja z Uśmiechem – Radom, 
  • Szczeciński Klub Sportowy “Husaria” – Szczecin, 
  • Stowarzyszenie Opieki Nad Dziećmi Opuszczonymi – Toruń, 
  • Zespół Placówek Opiekuńczo-Wychowawczych w Świdnicy – Wałbrzych, 
  • Fundacja Warszawskie Hospicjum dla Dzieci – Warszawa, 
  • Stowarzyszenie Pomocy “Akson” – WOK, 
  • Hospicjum dla Dzieci Dolnego Śląska “Formuła Dobra” – Wrocław, 
  • Fundacja “Spoko Tato” – Zielona Góra.