TIM supports ambitious students at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

TIM S.A. started collaboration with the OFF-ROAD Unconventional Vehicle Research Club at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. Our company became the Lead Partner in the Scorpio project, whose aim is to build Mars rovers. 

The OFF-ROAD Research Club has been active since 2009 and is made up of over 50 ambitious students who want to promote the space sector in Poland. Since 2013, members of the club received over 20 awards and distinctions for their achievements and projects, also at prestigious international competitions. 

The Scorpio project is the main project undertaken by the students who want to build Mars rovers. They have been designing these vehicles since 2013 to present them at global Rover Challenge competitions, where they take the top places, thus promoting Polish technological thought. Solutions used in the project were noticed even by scientists from NASA and the Mars Society, thanks to whom the project was awarded the 2nd place in Red Eagle International Student Engineering Design Contest in Pasadena (California, USA). The family of Scorpio rovers currently includes 6 models, but the members of the club do not intend to stop at that. 

TIM supports the students in two ways: by providing parts and materials needed to build the rovers and by providing financial support for the project. The money will be used by the young scientists to promote their projects, build new vehicles, improve old models and cover the costs of travelling to future competitions. 

‘I’m glad that among the students of my Alma Mater you can find such ambitious young technicians,’ says Krzysztof Folta, President of the Management Board of TIM S.A. ‘We are proud to support outstanding talents, believing that it will lead to the development of the Polish technological sector,’ he adds.