TIM supports local communities – I edition of the grant program has come to an end

The first grants in the history of TIM SA supporting selected social initiatives have found their way to their beneficiaries – three organizations proposed by the company employees. Each of them has received funding for their activities worth PLN 5000.

The grant program is one of the initiatives organized as part of TIM pro – TIM SA’s Responsible Business Strategy for 2019-2021. According to the strategy’s assumptions each year at least 1% of the annual gross profit is allocated to social activities, including a contribution to support local communities.

First organizations have already been granted funding

The TIM pro strategy assumes two editions of the grant program each year during which TIM SA may award 6 grants worth from PLN 1000 to 5000. The first edition of the program, to which the employees of TIM submitted three initiatives, was finalised in May this year.  By the decision of the pre-selection committee, each of them was qualified to the vote exercised by all employees. More than 40% of them participated in the survey and the average of their evaluations allowed for granting financing to each of the three proposed options.

The first grant has been awarded to the wards of the Zimbardo Center in Nikiszowiec in Katowice – a facility that for six years has been the meeting place for the youth and the space to establish authentic relationships. The Center, supported by a famous American psychologist, both by the name and finances, also performs culture-forming functions, and thanks to the organization of a number of development and educational activities, it is the place the local community can develop. The subject matter of the grant application was co-financing an educational trip for the children and youth from the Center.

Another grant has been awarded to a full-time education and care centre SIEMACHA Spot 24/7 from Wrocław. This place is responsible for the education and development of 13 children aged from 10 to 18. The aim of this facility’s operations is to return the children and youth to their original families or provide them with care in adoption or foster families. The grant was awarded in order to purchase equipment for the centre (including desks, sofas and dressers) thanks to which comfortable working and learning conditions and living space for establishing relationships between its tenants have been arranged.

The third grant has been awarded to a swimming club from Koziegłowy near Poznań – Grot Koziegłowy which has been operating continuously since 2008. Currently, the club has over one hundred members who are primary school students. Every day they attend trainings which can be several hours long, during which they master their sports skills and learn to compete in the spirit of fair play. Financing from TIM SA was allocated for the purchase of 100 swim caps and 50 pairs of swimming trunks for children.

This is not the end

The success of the first edition of the grant program has mobilized employees to become even more involved in the next one – the second edition of the program already has five initiatives submitted. Applications have already been handled by the pre-selection committee and an online voting is currently underway. The deadline for the announcement of the results of the survey and the decision on awarding the grants is scheduled for the end of August this year.

– Supporting the initiatives of local communities not only is a pleasure but also our obligation towards the communities in which we operate on a daily basis – says Krzysztof Folta, the President of the Management Board of TIM SA. – We want not only to be the industry leader but also to bring benefits to our environment. The grant program is an ideal response to the expectations set for companies by the external environment. I am truly happy that our employees have joined the campaign with such commitment – he adds.