TIM with the prize for digital transformation

Changing its operational model and successfully entering the sector of e-commerce, TIM SA won another trophy: the Main Award in the “Digital Championships 2017” in the category of “Digital Transformation”.

The competition, with the Polish Chamber of IT and Telecommuniation as the chief organizer, is an inseparable part of the “Digital Champions” competition.  Its fourth edition took place on 22-23 November 2017 in the Googla campus in Warsaw.

In total, there were 50 companies and persons participating in the competition in four categories (digital product/service, digital transformation, digital ecosystem, personality of the digital business). TIM competed for the prize for “Digital transformation”. The application has been filed by Divante – a technological and conceptual partner of TIM SA in creating and improving the TIM.pl e-shop.

The subject of the application was the change in the business model of TIM and its selection of e-commerce as the dominant sale channel. The competition jury, consisted of 11 members, decided not to nominate anybody in this category and to directly award TIM SA. The award was granted “for the effective conduct of comprehensive changes in the key business areas (marketing, sales, customer service, operations), where the most important role was played by the way of using the potential of digital technology.” The commemorative statuette and diploma were presented during the evening gala on 23rd November 2017.

“Over the past four years of the presence of TIM in the e-commerce, the share of this channel in the company revenue from sales has increased from 0 to 70%. Our unit sales in the year 2012, the last year before the launch of e-shop, amounted to PLN 342 m. We closed last year at PLN 615m, which means growth by 80%”, calculated Artur Piekarczyk, a member of the Management Board and the Director for Commerce in TIM SA. “We are acquiring new clients all the time, who are attracted not only by the attractive price offer but also by the wide range and immediate availabilty of products. I am pleased that our pioneering actions in the electrotechnical industry have once again found recognition in the eyes of the experts”, adds Artur Piekarczyk.

Since the TIM.pl e-shop was launched in 2013, TIM has won many prestigious awards and honourable mentions such as e-Commerce Poland awards 2014, 2015 and 2016 and E-commerce Masters (contest of “Wprost” weekly), Business e-Gazelle 2016 or the Change Leader (a prize for Krzysztof Folta, the president of  TIM SA management board, in the competition organized by the publisher of the “Harvard Business Review” magazine). TIM.pl was also in the finals of the Imagine Excellence Awards, in the category of The Best B2B User Experience. That is the official prize awarded to the best e-shops by Magento Inc. – provider of the online sales platform, used by over 250 thousand companies around the world.

In the picture, from the left: Anna Staszewska – Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (PIIT), Michał Kostrowicki – TIM SA, Borys Stokalski – the president of PIIT, professor Piotr Płoszajski – chairman of the competition jury of “Digital Champions 2017”. Photo Press materials of PIIT- Gala of the Digital Champions 2017