TIM’s 10 good practices featured in this year’s Responsible Business Forum report

Ten pro-social activities carried out by TIM last year were included in the latest, 21st edition of the report “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices”. This is Poland’s largest overview of CSR initiatives, in which TIM has been listed since 2019.

The Responsible Business Forum, the longest-established CSR association in the country, annually releases the report “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices”. The report is the organisation’s most significant periodic publication, issued since 2002. The premiere of this year’s edition took place on 17 April at the Central House of Technology in Warsaw.

The report provides an overview of the activities of companies that have submitted their CSR, ESG and sustainable development efforts. It also recaps the key issues related to responsible business in a given year in Poland. The introduction contains articles and comments from experts. A review of selected press articles and an event calendar related to CSR are also a regular component of the publication. The core of the report provides a summary of CSR and sustainability activities carried out by companies during the preceding year.

The 21st edition featured a record number of 1,705 good practices (30 more than last year) submitted by 272 companies. As in the previous edition of the report, there was a limit of 10 practices submitted by each company.

TIM socially engaged

The largest number of good practices – 477 – related to social engagement and local community development. This category also included the largest number of initiatives submitted by TIM:

  • Active TIM for Friends campaign, whereby TIM employees collected kilometres using a mobile application. Thanks to the commitment of TIM’s employees and supplier representatives, a total of 76,875 kilometres were collected in 2022, raising PLN 28,895. To celebrate its 35th anniversary, the company’s management board decided to increase this pot to PLN 35,000. The funds raised by the campaign were distributed to four foundations as donations of PLN 8750 per each.
  • The 3rd edition of the TIM Santas’ charity Christmas event, which provided financial support to local foundations and other institutions. The TIM of Santas 2022 was supported by 48 of the company’s business partners, and the total budget of the campaign amounted to PLN 391.000.
  • A Christmas Tree Full of Gifts campaign aimed at supporting the Foundation for Children “Help on Time” during the Christmas time. Each employee could draw a card from the Christmas tree (also the virtual one), which mentioned a specific need, and then prepare a drawn gift. The presents were wrapped at TIM’s headquarters and sent to the Foundation. Throughout the campaign, eight large cartons of gifts were collected: board games, puzzles, teddy bears, books and colouring books, crayons and markers.
  • A biannual grant programme that allows TIM’s employees to submit educational, health, environmental, cultural and outreach initiatives to support local communities. The decision to award a grant is made by the employees themselves through voting on the intranet. In 2022, grants worth a total of PLN 82 000 funded or co-financed, for example: the rehabilitation of post-mastectomy patients or the treatment of children suffering from cerebral palsy.
  • Supporting young talent in the electrical engineering industry. The first of the initiatives launched in 2022 was the partnership of the WorldSkills Poland competition for vocational, technical school and university students. The second was the sponsorship of the OFF-ROAD Scientific Circle from Wroclaw University of Technology. TIM SA became the main partner of the “Scorpio” project, focused on the construction of Mars rovers. With the company’s support, the project’s participants were able to take part in global rover tournaments in the USA, Turkey and more.
  • eCollection Box for GOCC (WOŚP), where both customers and employees could donate. TIM organised internal bidding, which involved employees and customers. The company also declared to donate 1 PLN to the eCollection Box for each order placed on TIM.pl during the final week of the GOCC, which resulted in the amount of PLN 12,006. A total of PLN 19,177 was collected thanks to the efforts of TIM’s customers and employees.

The staff’s charity

In the FOB report, the second most numerous was the area of work related practices (419 activities), and these included employee voluntary activities at TIM. From 2019 onwards, employees can submit suggestions for volunteering activities that the company will support financially or organisationally. In 2022, as many as 21 of the 24 submitted projects were approved, most of which concerned activities for refugees from Ukraine. Other voluntary activities carried out included the replacement of lighting in a school gym and the renovation of a flat that had been destroyed by flooding.

Human rights

The largest increase in numbers, almost threefold, was recorded in the human rights sector, which included 282 practices. TIM also contributed in this area by helping Ukraine. Amid the war, the company stepped in to support Ukrainian migrants and those who decided to stay in their homeland. In the first weeks of the war, PLN 100,000 was allocated for this purpose. Also, a campaign on responsible aid was carried out and it was determined that the second edition of the #DreamTIM for Kids campaign (charity product sales) would be focused on helping Ukrainian children. A total of more than PLN 114,000 was donated to help Ukraine from the company’s volunteer budget and financial donations. Furthermore, a fundraiser created by TIM on SiePomaga.pl raised PLN 2290.

Organisational governance

Among the less numerous in terms of number of practices is the category concerning organisational governance (75), yet TIM also submitted one of its activities in this field. This was the TIM Group Management Report 2021, which for the fourth time was an integrated report prepared according to GRI Standards. Alongside the GRI Standards indicators for customer service quality and social engagement, the company also adopted its own indicators.

Investor education

The areas with the fewest submissions in the FOB publication are consumer issues (49) and fair operating practices (43). The latter area concerns ethical handling of the company’s interactions with other organisations. Notably, it included an activity carried out by TIM – the educational, advisory and analytical series called ‘All this market’. This series has been used continuously since 2011 by the company to educate investors by sharing its knowledge from its long-standing presence on the Stock Exchange. The articles are published twice a month and are not self-promotional. The company wants investors to make conscious decisions equipped with the necessary expertise.