TIM’s CEO as guest of a podcast episode on e-commerce

For more than three years, Marek Kich, who has been active in e-commerce for years, has been sharing industry knowledge and extracting it from other e-commerce representatives by creating the “Sztuka e-commerce” podcast. TIM SA’s CEO, Krzysztof Folta, is the guest of the latest episode.

As encouraged by the author of the podcast, during our conversation Krzysztof talked about what he thinks entrepreneurship is, what TIM S.A.’s digital transformation looked like and what difficulties his organisation faced along the way. It’s a great talk about the importance of company’s real values, the people who make it up and skilful change management. We recommend (Polish only) >>

We also encourage you to listen to one of the earlier episodes of “Sztuka e-commerce”, whose guest was Krzysztof Rogalny – Director of the Development and Technology Department of TIM SA (Polish only).