TIM’s pro-social activities in the “Responsible Business in Poland 2019. Good practices” report

Eight practices submitted by TIM SA have been published during in this year’s, 18th edition of report issued by the Responsible Development Forum. This is the largest CSR review in Poland with a record number of responsible business activities in which TIM debuted just a year ago – with three practices.

This year’s FOB publication includes 1696 practices submitted by 214 companies. Despite the restriction, introduced this year, limiting the number of new good practices to 10, an almost 10 percent increase was achieved. Long-term practices (those which appeared in one of the previous editions and were also implemented in 2019) were excluded from the restriction.

Practices related to environmental care turned out to be the most dynamically developing area – an increase by over 35% as compared to the previous edition.
They also include TIM’s resignation from the purchase of mineral water in plastic bottles for the company’s headquarters. Social rooms have been installed with water dispensers sourced from the water supply system which not only filter the water but also allow it to cool and have the function of saturator, saturating the water with carbon dioxide. Social rooms and conference rooms have been equipped with water decanters and each employee have received a porcelain mug with their name.

– The year 2019 can be considered the year of the natural environment and the latest edition of the “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices” report confirms this thesis. We have seen apparent increase in the number of practices within the area of “environment”, despite the introduction of restrictions on reporting new activities to the report. The companies opted for pro-environmental solutions since for a wide range of stakeholders it has become a key topic. This is a positive change which, we believe, will be continued by companies – says Marzena Strzelczak, General Director of the Responsible Business Forum.

TIM actively socially involved

The grand finale of the “Active TIM for Friends 2019” campaign
The grand finale of the “Active TIM for Friends 2019” campaign

1696 good practices were published in the 18th edition of the “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices” report (previous edition: 1549), submitted by 214 companies (previous edition: 229 companies). However, it is worth noting that due to the limited possibility of submitting new practices, their number dropped from 826 to 712. The number of long-term practices, though, increased significantly – 983 as compared to 723 practices in the previous edition of the publication. 55 companies originate from the SME sector (previous edition: 60). The most represented industries in the report are: finance, services and trade.

Every third practice submitted for the report places within the area of “social involvement and development of the local community” (564 is the sum of new and long-term practices in this area). This confirms the constant tendency to high interest of companies in the implementation of social practices. Within this area, TIM has submitted a sports charity competition (kilometres converted into PLN) “Active TIM for Friends”.

Authentic employee involvement

The Noble Parcel prepared as part of an employee volunteering program
The Noble Parcel prepared as part of an employee volunteering program

This year, due to the change in the rules for submission of good practices for the report (the abovementioned restriction in submission of up to 10 new practices), there has been observed a significant decline in the area of ​​employee practices.  185 new practices have been submitted as compared to 237 last year. As compared to last year, the biggest changes took place in the categories of “employee health” and “employee volunteering” where the number of practices dropped by a dozen or so.

Employee volunteering – renovation and retrofitting of the classroom in the Primary School with Integration Departments in Łomnica (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship)

Meanwhile, these are the categories that include the activities submitted by TIM: competition for the number of burned calories “TIM – Team Multisport Integration” and the employee volunteering program. Both practices are the result of the first in the company’s history responsible business strategy for the years 2019-2021 “TIM pro” adopted by the Management Board of TIM SA in 2019, which was also qualified for publication in the area of ​“Organizational Governance” by the Responsible Business Forum.

– We are becoming more and more involved in activities that are not strictly of business nature. In accordance with the TIM pro corporate responsibility strategy for 2019-2021, each year we allocate at least 1% of the assumed gross profit to social purposes. I’m pleased with the employees’ genuine involvement in this kind of activities, especially in the employee volunteering program. Those submitting proposals for activities in this area are free to make proposals and indicate undertakings which we should be involved in – emphasizes Krzysztof Folta, the President of the Management Board of TIM SA.

Investor’s education since 2011

The latest FOB report includes two more TIM SA practices within the field of organizational governance – the first in the history of the TIM Group integrated report (for 2018) and another meeting with participants of the dialogue with stakeholders organized in 2018.

The area of “honest operational practices” of the “Responsible Business in Poland 2019. Good practices” publication includes the least number of practices dealing with ethical conduct in the company’s contacts with other organizations. It covers the principles of shaping such relations, as also educational activities for suppliers, industry organizations or other stakeholders. Meanwhile, it does include the activity implemented continuously by TIM since 2011. These are articles published on the company’s corporate website as part of the cycle “This entire market” of analytical and consulting nature. The materials usually appear twice a month and they are not self-promotional nature.