TIM’s social network with another award

“Łączy nas napięcie” (Łnn), a website that has been working for almost three years and that brings together a community of professionals and amateurs from the broad electrical engineering sector, has won the 18th edition of the Golden Arrow marketing competition in the category “Digital marketing – Website”.

Łnn is a unique project on the Polish market and the only such community in the electrical engineering sector. Its aim is to bring together professionals and non-professionals from the broad electrotechnical industry. It allows a wide range of opinions to be exchanged and helps users to get answers to their questions.

A growing list of awards

Łnn launched in September 2020, with the Golden Arrow statuette joining a growing collection of awards for the portal. After just one year of operation, it won its first and immediately gold award at the Power of Content Marketing Awards 2021. In 2022, it was awarded the Silver Clip in the category “Content marketing – branded content” in the 20th edition of the Polish PR industry’s most important competition, the Golden Clips. At the end of May 2023, it took 1st place in one of the two main categories, i.e. “B2B Campaign of the Year”, in the 5th edition of the Performance Marketing Diamonds EU 2023 competition, organised by the Chamber of the Electronic Commerce.

The Golden Arrow competition has existed since 2006 and combines the knowledge of the teams of the magazine “Media Marketing Polska” and the Polish Marketing Association SMB. Its aim is to promote best practice in the use of marketing tools and reward breakthroughs. The winners are decided by a jury of marketers and representatives of specialist agencies.

“I am proud of where “Łączy nas napięcie” is now and the subsequent awards we are winning. The story of this portal is somewhat reminiscent of TIM’s launch of online sales. At the beginning, there was no shortage of sceptical voices as to whether technical professionals would find this formula useful, whether they would have the time and inclination – usually after work – to sit down at a computer or reach for a smartphone and exchange experiences,” says Piotr Bibik, marketing project manager at TIM SA, in charge of the Łnn project. “Today, the sense of Łnn’s existence is confirmed not only by successive awards, but also by numbers: more than 8,000 registered users who have asked a total of more than 3,800 questions and shared their knowledge by providing more than 23,000 answers. There is also training on Łnn. There are now more than 80 of them. However, we would not be where we are if it were not for our partner, the Euvic Digital agency, which has supported us in the development of the portal from the very beginning,” adds Piotr Bibik.

Better understanding of customer needs

Łnn is also an important part of one of the four pillars of TIM’s business strategy: the electrical engineering centre. TIM’s ambition is not only to provide products or services, but also to participate in the professional lives of its customers. A specialised knowledge platform, the Łnn portal has an important place in the online ecosystem of the TIM brand. It connects enthusiasts and experts in their fields with people who are looking for a solution to a specific problem. It allows a better understanding of customer needs, so that TIM, together with its suppliers, is able to provide solutions that meet those needs.

“These needs are not always apparent, but we are able to identify them from the voices resounding in the discussions on Łnn. The result is our ambitious plans for safety education activities, which we will soon be announcing in more detail,” announces Piotr Bibik.

Picture on the top right: Piotr Bibik, responsible for the project on TIM’s side, and Euvic Digital representatives Marta Maksymowicz (Group Account Director) and Jakub Mazurkiewicz (Chief Operating Officer).