#VoteForTIM’s Sustainable Report!

The 15th edition of the competition for the best reports in the field of responsible business and sustainable development organized by the Responsible Business Forum and Deloitte Polska is underway. This is the third year in a row when the integrated report of the TIM Capital Group (this time for the year 2020) is participatingInternet users vote simultaneously with the deliberations of the expert jury! 

55 reports released by companies (48 reports), non-governmental organizations (5 reports), universities and administration (2 reports) partake in this year’s Sustainable Development Reports Competition (formerly: Social Reports Competition). Internet users can vote till 20 September via the website raportyzr.pl/zaglosuj-na-raport.

The Integrated Report of the TIM Capital Group for the year 2020 is one of the few (and perhaps even the only one) projects like this in the Polish electrotechnical sector and the Polish e-commerce B2B. For the previous two years it was prepared despite no legal obligation. In the edition concerning the year 2020 it broadly presents the implementation of the first in the TIM Capital Group’s history responsible business strategy “TIM pro” for the years 2019-2021.

The discussed topics also include activities involving not only TIM’s employees but also suppliers and customers, such as the Christmas charity campaign „TIM Mikołajów”. What is important, in the face of the pandemic TIM not only has not limited its activities within the field of responsible business but increased their scope and budget, encouraging employees to greater physically activity in the remote work era, as also by way of engaging, inter alia, in projects uniting a larger group of helpers (support for individuals and entrepreneurs for the Wroclaw COVID-19 hospital) or by preparing a series of webinars and training videos „Wiem to TIM.pl!” (“I know that TIM.pl!”) devoted to topics most important to entrepreneurs during the pandemic and lockdown. Regardless of the pandemic, TIM has been participating in educational activities related to the e-commerce industry for years now. In the year 2020, in cooperation with the Chamber of Electronic Economy, TIM SA organized all-day, free School of Digital Economy (Szkoły Gospodarki Cyfrowej) workshops devoted to the specificity of e-commerce B2B.

You can read the TIM integrated report below or here (Polish only).

To be able to partake in the vote and cast your vote for TIM you need to vote for three out of 55 publications participating in the competition. Note! The vote will be counted only after you click the link sent to the e-mail address provided during the vote.

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Raport zintegrowany Grupy Kapitałowej TIM za rok 2020
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