TIM Santas (TIM Mikołajów) 2021 – we pass the POWER for the second time

Like last year, this year TIM has decided not to buy Christmas gifts and book calendars for its customers. Instead, it is organising the TIM Santas charity Christmas campaign, which includes cash donations to 17 institutions across the country. This year, beneficiaries of the campaign will receive support of a total value of over PLN 300,000.  

TIM Santas 2021 is already the second edition of TIM’s charity Christmas event. Just like last year, it is up to the customers of the TIM.pl platform to decide who will receive financial support. Each of them is assigned to one of the 17 sales offices covering the entire country. Customers of each office can choose from three institutions (foundations and other organisations) in their area. Ultimately, one beneficiary will be selected in each of the 17 regions. 

The institutions selected for the campaign by employees of individual Sales Offices are entities with a broad spectrum of activities. These range from hospices and foundations caring for sick children to animal shelters, sports clubs and even the theatre. The beneficiaries are selected through a questionnaire prepared for this purpose and available at https://www.tim.pl/timmikolajow2021/, which lasts until the end of November 2021. 

TIM also encourages manufacturers whose products are available on TIM.pl to join TIM Santas. This time as many as 35 of them are involved in the campaign – exactly five times more than last year. As a result, the pool of funds to be transferred to beneficiaries amounts to over PLN 300,000. TIM Santas make up this year: Aniro, Bitner, BBC Cellpack, Damir, Eaton, Elektrokabel, Elektromet, Elko-Bis, Eltrim, EM Group, Emos, Ergom, ETI, F&F, finder, Hager, Kanlux, Kontakt Simon, Kopos Elektro, Legrand, Lider-Hurt, Marmat, NKT, Ospel, PCE, Philips, Phoenix Contact, Relpol, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Simet, Sonel, TELE-FONIKA Kable, Grupa Topex and TT Plast. 

“Last year, by carrying out the TIM Santas campaign for the first time, we established a new tradition at TIM,” says Krzysztof Folta, CEO of TIM S.A. “Acting together with our business partners and customers under the slogan ‘Let’s give POWER together’, we help institutions across the country that are most in need. We hope to see more companies taking similar initiatives in the near future,” he adds. 

Supporting local communities, especially initiatives of an educational, pro-health or aid nature, is part of TIM’s 2019-2021 “TIM pro” responsible business strategy. TIM Santas is just one of many campaigns organised by the company as part of the implementation of this strategy. This year saw the first edition of the project “#DreamTIM for Kids”, which involved the charitable sale of T-shirts, the total proceeds from which were donated to 17 children’s homes across Poland.